Music From the Americas Wraps Up

By: Ken Stowar, Station Manager

7 weeks and 100 musicians later:  that was the Music from the Americas, the Map Room Sessions.   This was a very successful free summer music program initiative that ran from July 6th through to August 27th.  It was presented by CIUT 89.5 FM in partnership with Hart House, U of T.  The performances were held in front of a studio audience and were also heard live on CIUT 89.5FM.

I have many people to thank.  First, to all of the musicians that gave of their time and talent.  The artists that performed included The Heavyweights Brass Band, Ginger St. James, Los Caballeros del Son, Perpetual Peace Project, Bill King’s Rhythm Express, C. D. Onofrio, Bruno Capinan, Soulstack, Christina Petrowska Quilico, Nadjiwan, One Big Song, Harrison Kennedy, Gold Complex, Vince Maccarone’s Los Variants, Swamperella, Pigeonhawk Stringband, Luau Or Die, Michael St. George, Tribe Royal, Julian Fauth, Chiron String Quartet, and The Fugitive Minds.  I’d like to pass along a very special thank you to veteran Jamaican guitarist, Ernest Ranglin for kicking off this initiative on Monday, July 6th.

Thanks also to DB Hawkes for so generously giving of his time to oversee the sound engineering for each and every show.  Paul Templin, head of Events at Hart House and Rita O’Brien, interim Hart House Warden, and the Marketing team at Hart House, Virginia Ise, Alain Latour, and Fireoozeh Tangestanian were instrumental in making this live music initiative a success.  Kevin Parker, General Manager for Steve’s Music was very generous by supplying all of the musical gear for the musicians.  Support also came from CIUT staff members Michelle Johnson, Sam Petite, Erik Betlem, Mihkel Betlem, and Patrick Holland, along with volunteers Daibhad James, Philip Conlon, Bill King, and Mike Tadros.

Additionally, I’d like to thank our amazing supporters for attending the live shows and/or for making the time to listen to the wide and diverse talent that was presented during the Music from the Americas, the Map Room Sessions over the last two months.

For those of you that missed taking in or listening to the Map Room Sessions, there are plans to re-broadcast all of the shows sometime in the very near future.  The day and time will be announced soon.

Finally, the Music from the Americas, the Map Room Sessions initiative provided us with a platform that played a role in positive community building.  On that note, I hope to put things in place so CIUT continues to present similar live music initiatives in both the near and distant future.


Click here to check out The Music from the Americas, the Map Room Sessions Photo Album

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