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Tuesday, January 15th marks the 32nd anniversary of CIUT-FM 89.5 as a campus community radio station in Toronto. It was at 6 am on January 15th, 1987 when CIUT began to broadcast with a full FM service. From 1965 to 1986 the station could only be heard on the St. George campus of the U of T. Since the birth of this radio station there have been thousands upon thousands of U of T undergrads and members of the community at large that have volunteered their time as on air presenters, board technicians, producers, researchers, and much more. All deserve a thank you for their past and ongoing contributions.

We would also like to thank the millions of listeners who over the past 32 years made a choice to listen to CIUT-FM, those that continue to listen and to all of the new listeners that find CIUT-FM on a daily basis.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful financial support during the past 32 years. We are still here because of your ongoing generosity We all look forward to the next 32 years and beyond.

Our hosts Stefanie Dreyer and Parul Bansal will guide you through stories in Canada and abroad, from Toronto to Beirut. We talk to a Dutch weed producer on why he’s setting his sights on the Canadian market and a master arborist taking care of Toronto’s canopy. We visit a Florida man preserving Puerto Rican artifacts and an Edmonton pharmacy on the frontlines of the housing and opioid crisis. We hear how heartshots are better than headshots and much, much more… Join Stefanie, Parul and the Fellows in Global Journalism on their Global Beats.

Global Beats was produced by the Fellowship in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs with the extensive support of Sarah Martin. The fellows involved were, in alphabetical order: Parul Bansal, Christine Bear, Viviane Callier, Susanne Courtney, Stefanie Dreyer, Eleanor Gebrou, Marie-Claude Gregoire, Priya Iyer, Ruth Jones, Dylan Klempner, Lizan Nijkrake, Sarah Schulman, Laetitia Van der Vennet, Lindsey Vodarek and Susannah Walden.

Listen to Global Beats Local Stories here:

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