Late Night Love

By Jon Pressick

Even though I was just a guest, it felt odd. There I was holed up in my day job office, chair securing the door, breathing hushed words about erotica into the phone. I wasn’t trying to be sexy—I was trying to be quiet. It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was on Sex City for the first time.

Sex City is a bit of an institution in the sex community, having broadcast on CIUT for over 15 years. We have featured many of the biggest and most controversial names in the sex world, including Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Christopher Ryan, Susie Bright and many, many more. But for the first bunch of years, there was something about Sex City that felt a bit odd. A little weird. Just a tad incongruous.

That Wednesday afternoon, I was just a guest, talking with one of the many hosts who have come and gone over the show’s years. And it felt so bizarre talking about my bisexual erotica in the middle of a weekday. On the radio, no less! As much as our community strives to make sex-related discussion a part of everyday life, there are many people—many listeners—who just aren’t ready for that. Although it would be awesome if our talks about the many different sexual themes we discuss—education, politics, arts, culture and more—could happen regardless of the time, we do appreciate that there are people out there willing to listen to and engage. Someday, maybe, we’re working on it.

Years later when I was asked if I would be interested in becoming a host on the show, I remembered there had been a change: it was now on Saturday afternoons. Very convenient for a newbie host, but still an odd fit. During those years, I had many guests question the timing of the show and whether people want to actually listen to sex talk at that time of day. Of course, we wondered that ourselves.

Fortunately, they did. We had loyal listeners and new folks every week, usually drawn in by the amazing guests our wonderfully diverse hosts are lucky to speak with. Through this time, and the beginnings of social media prevalence, Sex City grew and broke new ground in terms of honest and exciting sex talk. But the question lingered about the timeslot. It still felt weird.

And then the opportunity came. Sex City was offered the timeslot we now call home, at 11 p.m. on Tuesday nights. It feels right. It feels like the right time to talk about sex. Our tongues are a little more free, our discussions are a little more open and I think our guests are more comfortable as well. I can’t help but imagine that some of them are settled in, nice and comfy and ready to talk about some of our most intimate subjects.

I don’t think we’re alone in this feeling. There is something special about broadcasting at night, whether you’re sharing talk or music. Certain topics and sounds just sound better floating through the dark air. Late night radio has held a wondrous appeal to many over the years. I grew up with a glowing dial: dancing in my room, driving through the country, sharing close time and laughs with others. And now, I am happy to share sounds to others.

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